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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates 4/6/2020
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General Education

 What's new and how is it different?

Proposed Philosophy Statement. "The general education program at Palm Beach State College offers an interdisciplinary core curriculum that advances transformative thinking to prepare students for responsible participation in a global community."  This revision retains the key words and intent while making the statement more concise and aligning it to the new strategic plan.

Proposed Assessment: General education will be measured by achievement of the related outcomes based on course maps to the outcome. Faculty will independently select course assignments that can be scored with the institutional outcome rubric and count toward the course grade in mapped courses. Student work on selected assignments will be shared with IRE to be scored by a faculty scoring team. This is different than the previous plan that required all faculty teaching the same course to administer, score, and self-report results for a common assessment. 

Courses:  All general education courses will be mapped to at least one institutional learning outcome (ILO). The proposed outcomes are intentionally broader, and some courses potentially map to multiple ILOs. A few general education courses may not map well to the new ILOs and will be addressed in 2018-2019.    

 What's next?

General education courses will continue to be reviewed for any potential change in offerings during the fall and spring terms of 2018-2019 as guided pathways are developed. This will ensure alignment between ILOs, pathways, and the general education courses. A General Education Council has been created to facilitate this process.

A final map of general education courses to the ILOs will be shared with the College by the end of Fall 2018 after faculty input has been reviewed and integrated.

The previous assessment plan for general education will be replaced with a new "Signature Assignment" inventory, an annual sample from the inventory, and a faculty team who score copies of student work on the sampled assignments. The steps outlined below are for all faculty, full-time and part-time, who teach general education courses.

Next Steps for General Education Instructors


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