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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates 4/6/2020
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Institutional Outcomes Assessment

The new assessment plan will be based on an inventory of Signature Assignments that is being established in Fall 2018. Full-time and part-time credit faculty are asked to submit assignments by following the Signature Assignments link below or to the right. 

 What's new?

Institutional learning outcomes (ILOs) and general education competencies will be measured by course-level assignments that can be scored by the ILO rubrics. These assignments will be tagged as institutional assessment artifacts called "Signature Assignments."

Highlights include

  • Workshops on each ILO and rubric
  • Individual instructor choice of  assignments to submit
  • Annual samples and scoring
  • Instructors grade assignments as usual without having to score  separately or differently for institutional purposes - copies of student work collected by IRE to be scored by faculty scoring teams



 What's changed?

Instructors will no longer be required to administer and report results for common embedded assessments. Instead, they will have individual choice in what existing assignment can be used for assessment of an ILO. Faculty will also be able to provide student work rather than having to grade assessments separately and provide results to the College.

The new process will assess the institution while providing clear examples of best practices in course level assessment.

In ways not afforded before now,  instructors will have opportunities to align learning outcomes to content, be supported by new professional development options, and better demonstrate the outcomes achievement of their students.


 What's next?

As program and course maps to the proposed ILOs are finalized, an inventory of Signature Assignments will be issued to establish an inventory of assignments that can be used fo measure the ILOs and general education.  The inventory will be maintained by IRE; exemplary samples will be made public anonymously or with attribution if faculty grant permission.

  • Assignment submissions are currently under review.
  • Rubric workshops will be offered as early in transition as possible.
  • Faculty will be notified early spring if included in assessment sample for first cycle.
  • Sample artifacts will be scored by faculty team in Summer 2019.
  • Aggregate results to be shared for discussion and continuous improvement purposes in 2019.


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