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Call for Signature Assignments

to dozens of full-time and part-time credit faculty who contributed more than 100 Signature Assignments in Fall 2018. From that initial inventory, 35 were included in the 2018-2019 assessment sample. Instructors shared student work on these assignments in the spring, and a 15-member team of faculty scored 555 artifacts in the summer. Results, exemplary assignments, and a new call coming soon! 

The FAQ list remain here for information as needed.


What are Signature Assignments?

Signature Assignments are those which require demonstration of competencies associated with an institutional learning outcome (ILO). 

  • They are identified by faculty who teach courses that support an ILO.
  • They exist already and count toward the final course grade.
  • They can be scored by at least one rubric dimension of an ILO.
  • They are used to assess and improve learning at the institutional level only; no student or instructor names will be reported in results.



How do I select an assignment?

If needed, review the ILO statements and rubrics and sample assignments that have already been submitted, then follow these steps

  1. Review your existing assignments.
  2. Identify one assignment that meets both criteria:
    • counts toward course grade
    • requires demonstration of competencies associated with one ILO
  3. Identify which rubric dimensions might be used to score student work for the assignment. 



What if I still have questions?

This is still a new process, and we will navigate together! Staff in the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IRE) have worked with many faculty to anticipate possible questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions will be expanded as questions are fielded. 

You may also reach out to Karen Pain in the IRE office if you need further information.


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