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Academic Affairs - Boca Raton campus

Welcome from the Office of Academic Affairs at Palm Beach State College, Boca Raton campus. The role of this office is to oversee all academic operations of the campus and it is directed by the Dean of Academic Affairs. Our mission is to provide students quality instruction facilitated by excellent faculty and staff in order to achieve academic success.

At this campus we pride ourselves at being student centered and providing the best learning resources in the areas of developmental and credit courses, managed by a dedicated staff that places students first.

The Boca Raton campus is conveniently located in close proximity to Florida Atlantic University's main campus providing students with additional opportunities and shared resources, such as the FAU library for the Palm Beach State students.

Dr. Tunjarnika Coleman-FerrellAcademic Affairs on the Boca Raton campus consists of two divisions. One division is comprised of Arts & Humanities and Social & Behavioral Sciences. The second division consists of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Within the two divisions, each with an Associate Dean, we offer coursework in approximately 50 disciplines which are housed in thirteen departments. In addition to general education, STEM courses and a wide variety of other courses, the Boca Raton campus offers programs in Entrepreneurship, Computer Science and Information Technology, Massage Therapy (PSAV), Architecture, Ceramics, and Photography just to name a few. We have outstanding faculty who are committed to academic excellence and providing the best educational experiences for our students, both inside the classroom and across the campus. Boca faculty are engaged in the campus community via participation in a variety of student clubs and organizations and a calendar of events targeted toward faculty and student interests which are scheduled through the Professional Teaching and Learning Center (PTLC).

Boca Raton campus faculty use the latest instructional technology and innovative learning strategies to deliver outstanding educational instruction to our students, including distance learning. We are committed to serving our students by offering on-site classes conveniently scheduled throughout the day and some weekend classes, as well as providing online course offerings. We offer full-term (16 week classes) as well as 8-week express sessions in fall and spring, and 12-week and 6-week sessions in the summer. We have a variety of academic support services available to our students including Supplemental Instruction, tutoring services, Learning Specialists, and the Student Learning Center. We are committed to helping our students successfully complete their chosen programs in order to reach their educational goals and become life-long learners who are able to think critically and compete successfully in a global community.

Sofia Toledo, Administrative Assistant, Associate
(561) 862-4411




 Arts & Humanities

 Developmental Education

 English, Literature, Foreign Language & Speech


 Massage Therapy


 Social Sciences

Gabriela Blanco, Administrative Assistant
(561) 862-4413

Dana M. Hamadeh


Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics,

Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, Business,

Accounting, Education, Developmental Mathematics,

Natural & Physical Sciences


Chantal Duplan, Administrative Assistant
(561) 862-4416

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