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Equipment Guide

Use the links below for individual equipment guides.

 Portable Multimedia System

 Kodak Pocket Camera

 Laptop in Classroom


 Interactive Monitor and SMART Guides

 Smart Notebook/Tools Startup

 Smart Notebook Add/Remove Tools

 Smart Notebook/Tools Quick Reference

 How to "Go Back" a Slide in PowerPoint Using a Wireless Mouse

 Document Camera - In a Standard Multimedia Classroom

 Document Camera - In a Control Panel Multimedia Classroom (CBP, NS, PSC, PSD)

For technical support, contact the MTIS department at 561-868-3189.

To request an equipment orientation on how to use the equipment prior to the date of use, fill out the online

Equipment Orientation Request Form.

For more information about MTIS services visit our home page or call us the number above.

Equipment Collage

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