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Media Lab

Whether watching for class assignments, research, or between classes, the Media Lab offers over 6,000 titles in our collection for students to view in the lab. Individual viewing areas give students room to take notes while allowing privacy during their stay.

The Media Lab also has specialized computer software, Instructor Reserves, Internet access, Card Management Center (machine to put money on your Panther Card), printer and a student copier to assist students with their research needs.

Lab Hours

Fall and Spring


Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 9pm

Friday 7:30am - 7pm

Saturday 10am --3pm

Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 8pm

Friday, Saturday & Sunday -  Closed



Media Collection  |  Streaming Collection


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Do you have a group project that you need to work on?

The Media Lab has collaboration tables with a large TV, computer, wireless mouse and keyboard that can be reserved for your next project.

Is the project/presentation on your personal laptop? No problem!!!

The collaboration tables have cables to connect your device via VGA or HDMI.


Do I need my PantherCard to use the lab? Yes, all labs on campus require your PantherCard.

Where are PantherCards issued? The PantherCard acts as a Student ID, Print/Copy Card, and Library Card. They are issued in the bookstore - just bring your ID and class schedule. Money can be added electronically online or by loading dollar bills into one of the machines, located in the SLC Lab (2nd floor of TC building), 1st and 3rd floor of the Library and in the Admissions/Registration dept.

Where can I make photo copies? A copy machine is located in the Media Lab, as well as on both the second and third floors of the Library, the SLC lab and in the Administration/Registration dept. Your PantherCard or a guest card is required to make copies.

If I missed a video that was played in class, can I watch it in the lab? Yes, just look up the title in our Media Collection and give us the catalog number. If you don't know the title, then just provide the exact date and time the video was viewed in class and the Instructor's name and we can look it up. **If it was the Instructor's personal tape then we may not have it. Check with your Instructor for access to their personally-owned video/DVD - you can view it on one of our TV/DVD/Video players in the MTIS Lab.**

How do I locate videos? The following link will direct you to the Media Collection. You will need to put in your student ID and password, then click on "student".

Can I check out videos or DVD's for home viewing? No, videos and DVDs in our collection are only licensed for on-site viewing.

Can I check out audio books? Yes, audio books are available in both cassette and CD format and they can be borrowed for 2 weeks. *2 Titles per patron are allowed out at one time. Your PantherCard is required.

Is PowerPoint and Word assistance available for students? Yes, the SLC labs offers instruction and assistance.

Is wireless access available in the MTIS Lab for my laptop? Yes, just log onto it using your Student ID and password. For technical assistance, you should contact the Student Help Desk at 561-868-4000. For more information, please visit PAW web page.

I want to use my laptop in class for a group presentation, but I'm not sure how to connect it to the video/data projector - whom do I ask? Your Instructor must fill out a online Technical Support request and submit it a minimum of 24hrs. in advance to us. 

**If you are going to use a Mac you will need to provide the Mac adapter to connect to the VGA cable.

MTIS recommends testing the laptop in the class prior to the day of the actual event to ensure compatibility.

Who do I contact for lost or stolen items?   Campus Security

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