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Average Age by Program Type and Campus, 2016-17

The average age of a Palm Beach State College student in 2016-17 was about 26. Students in the associate in arts program, with an average age of 23, are the youngest among award-seeking students. Career and technical students generally are older, averaging about 29 for associate degree programs, 31 for PSAV and 33 for other certificate programs.  Students seeking a bachelor's degree are about 32, on average.

Among non-degree categories, dual-enrolled high school students -- for obvious reasons -- are the youngest of all, averaging 17 years, the typical age of a high school junior or senior. Students at Palm Beach State for other non-degree purposes are about 32, on average, but this category contains a wide variety of classes and programs, including continuing education, Summer Youth College and avocational programs popular with retirees.

Students at Lake Worth are oldest, averaging about 27 years of age, while Boca Raton students are youngest, averaging about 24. (Students at Loxahatchee Groves averaged 23 years for the 10-week period in which the campus was open during the spring term.)

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Source: XSR053J1 student download
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