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Age by Program Type, 2016-17

Palm Beach State College serves students in all stages of life. Among all credit and non-credit students who attended in 2016-17, more than half (56%) were of the traditional college age of 18-24. About 10% were 40 or older.

Associate in arts students generally are the youngest among award-seekers, with about three-quarters under 25 years of age. Vocational students, on the other hand, tend to be older; more than half of associate in science and about two-thirds of PSAV and other certificate students are older than 25.  Greater than three-quarters of those seeking a bachelor's degree are older than 25.

About one-quarter of non-award students are younger than 18.  This data point does not include dual enrollment, but rather, it reflects the large number of students in Palm Beach State's Summer Youth College.

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Source: XSR053J1 student download
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