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Full-Time/Part-Time Status, Credit/Developmental Ed Students, Fall 2016

In Fall 2016, only about one-quarter (26%) of credit and developmental education students at Palm Beach State were classified as full-time.  Save for a slight rebound in 2015, this percentage has been in decline since 2009, when it reached 37%.  Belle Glade (31%) has the highest proportion of full-time students.

(Please note that the campus figures shown here are based on the student's status at the College, not at that particular campus. For example, a student taking six hours through Lake Worth and six hours through Boca Raton would be shown as a full-time student at both campuses. This also explains why all four campus's full-time proportions are higher than the collegewide figure; full-time students are more likely to take classes through more than one campus.)

ftpt status district

ftpt status lw   ftpt status pbg

ftpt status bg on   ftpt status br

Source: XSR053J1 student download


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