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High School County, Prior Year High School Completers, 2016-17

More than three-quarters of Palm Beach State College's prior-year high school completers who enrolled in either the fall or spring term came from a public or private Palm Beach County high school. High schools in Broward County, adjacent to Palm Beach County on the south, accounted for about 9% of prior-year high school completers.  Only 4% graduated from an out-of-state or out-of-country high school.

At the campus level, the proportion of prior-year high school completers who came from Palm Beach County schools ranged from only 55% at Boca Raton, which gets a sizable proportion of its students from Broward County, to 88% at Lake Worth.

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Source: XSR053J1 student download, stv_stdnt_highschool_credential


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