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Student Semester Hours/Credit Hour Equivalents by Funding Category, 2016-17

More than three-quarters of Palm Beach State College's total enrollment was in the Advanced & Professional (A&P) lower-division category, which consists generally of courses that lead to an associate in arts degree.

Workforce enrollment (vocational), in the form of postsecondary vocational (PSV), postsecondary adult vocational (PSAV) and apprenticeship, made up about 14% of total enrollment.  Upper-division courses claimed about 3% of total enrollment.

The bulk of vocational enrollment is found at the Lake Worth campus. Lake Worth accounted for only 41% of lower-division A&P enrollment, but 78% of PSV and 91% of non-apprenticeship PSAV hours were taken at Lake Worth. Apprenticeship programs are administered by the Lake Worth campus, and all enrollment is counted under Lake Worth.

hours by funding category district

hours by funding category lw

hours by funding category pbg

hours by funding category bg

hours by funding category lg

hours by funding category br

A&P Lower -- Advanced & Professional, lower division
A&P Upper -- Advanced & Professional, upper division
PSV -- Postsecondary Vocational
PSAV -- Postsecondary Adult Vocational
Appr. -- Apprenticeship
CWE -- Continuing Workforce Education
Prep -- College Preparatory
EPI -- Educator Preparation Institute
Recr. -- Recreational/fee-based
Econ. Dev. -- Economic Development/Flat Fee
Uncolored categories do not receive state funding.
Sources: XSC140J1


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