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Program Completions by Track, 2016-17

Palm Beach State students completed more than 3,500 state-recognized career programs across 136 degree and certificate tracks.  In the AS Nursing program, 249 students received their degrees, while more than 400 students received degrees and certificates in other health science programs.  More than 750 certificates were awarded through the College's public safety programs, including 227 emergency medical technicians (ATD and CCC), 207 law enforcement officers, 93 firefighters and 67 paramedics.  Nearly 600 AS degrees and certificates were awarded across all of Palm Beach State's business tracks, while 364 degrees and certificates were earned by students in trade and industrial programs.

In addition, the College awarded bachelor's degrees to 372 students, with about two-thirds of those in the five supervision and management tracks.

(Note: These numbers may change significantly if completers are submitted after Panorama is published. For the most up-to-date information on program completers, please see the 11-year program completions report, which is updated regularly.)

bachelor completions

cpp completions

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