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Term-to-Term Retention of First-Time-in-College Students

(Please note! -- Retention can be calculated in many ways. This method may not satisfy your purposes.)

Retention, when defined as the percentage of award-seeking students who either re-enroll or complete a program, has shown some signs of degradation over the last two fall cohorts.

The fall-to-spring retention rate of first-time-in-college (FTIC) degree- or certificate-seeking students in financial aid-approved programs was 81% for the Fall 2016 cohort tracked to Spring 2017.  This has dropped about two percentage points over the last two fall cohorts.

The fall-to-fall retention rate of the Fall 2015 FTIC cohort dropped to 62.3% -- a declines of less than one percentage point from the prior cohort.  Part of this is a function of the fall-to-spring retention for the Fall 2015 cohort, which also was down less than one point from the prior year.  By the second spring term, retention had dropped to about 58% for the Fall 2015 cohort.

About half of Fall 2014 FTIC students had completed programs or were still enrolled by Fall 2016.

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