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Homeless Community Resources

Panther's Pantry

A resource for enrolled Palm Beach State College students providing the following items FREE of charge. Students with their ID cards can find the following: 

• Canned food
• Boxed lunches
• Notebooks
• Snacks
• Toiletries

PBSC Library

Lake Worth Library Hours of Operation

4200 Congress Avenue
Lake Worth, FL 33461

The library is on the west side of campus, facing Congress Avenue. (Copper Lot)  See campus map

We have a reciprocal relationship with the Florida Atlantic University Libraries ( Our students can use their resources in person and have access to certain resources online (not ebooks or articles or videos, but tutorials and websites). They can use their WIFI, print, and use the computers there on all campuses. More info here:

During spring and fall we offer a Student Book Club, Coloring Café (monthly), and other educational and informative exhibits and events for students, faculty, and staff.  At the end of each semester, I bring in a Therapy Dog for everyone to relax with (2x’s in a week for about 2-3 hours a time).  

  • Librarians can help with research, citations, brainstorming and teaching how to do these things, along with teaching students how to evaluate information.
  •  With Panther Card, current students, faculty, and staff can:
  •  Reserve Textbooks to be used at the Library.  Library 3rd floor use only.
  •  Laptops to be used at the Library with proper paperwork and ID.
  •  Ipads can be checked out for 2 nights only with proper paperwork and ID.
  •  Computers on campus at the Library.
  •  Long-term and short-term calculators. Scientific, graphing, and regular.
  •  Scrap paper is sometimes available.
  •  Kindle/Nook Check outs from the Library to home.
  •  Scanners on campus at the Library (1 cent).
  •  Study Rooms on campus at the Library
  •  Printing at the Library. (Color and BW printing).
  •  Head Phones available on the first floor for use in the Library. Useable anywhere.
  •  Appointments available with Librarians. Schedule online.
  •  Library Webpage/Guide for Housing Insecurity and Homelessness:
  •  Newspapers and magazines are available at the Library.
  •  Print, ebooks, and audio books are available at the Library.
  •  Online access for current students, staff, and faculty:
    • Online newspapers, research, and magazine articles are available via PantherWeb/Blackboard, viewable off campus and at the Library
    • Online, streaming videos (some) available for viewing on and off campus.
  •  PBSC Library Guest Login and Guest Wifi available (for anyone).
  •  Print Cards are sold here on the 1st and 3rd floor. Reloadable with bills only. Cost $1 and then cash for printing.

Panther's Closet

Panther’s Closet is open to all current students, faculty and staff. Get ready to find great bargains for only a $1 each!

Load your PantherCard and shop for yourself or your family. With all proceeds going to help students, not only will you look good but feel good, too.


Dental Services

Palm Beach State College Dental Hygiene Care Center is a teaching facility in which students enrolled in the Dental Hygiene program provide preventive dental care to the community.

The Dental Hygiene Care Center is a state of the art clinical facility, located on the Lake Worth campus.



Carpooling & Rideshares - Palm Beach County

Need help finding someone to carpool with? Want to know what options are available to you? Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth Campus, has teamed up with South Florida Commuter Services (SFCS) to offer a Carpool Matching service that can help you find someone to share the ride with.

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