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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates 4/6/2020
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Student Urgent Relief Fund (SURF)

Palm Beach State College is taking a holistic approach to supporting post-secondary students because we know that life’s everyday events can hinder student success. SURF (Student Urgent Relief Fund) will provide students with mini-grants of up to $500 to help them stay on their academic path when unexpected financial burdens arise.

The PERC, in conjunction with Achieve Palm Beach County, is able to award eligible students with mini-grants of up to $500 that do not need to be paid back. The mini-grants may cover but are not limited to: emergency medical care, unexpected car repairs or gaps in childcare. Determinations are made on a case by case basis.

Requirements to qualify for SURF Grant

  • SURF awards are NOT paid directly to the student 
  • Payment is made directly to third party vendor, or provider of services, on behalf of the student. 
  • Must be a currently enrolled  at Palm Beach State College with a minimum 2.0 GPA 
  • Grant amount can NOT exceed $500 per event. 
  • Only ONE request/event per semester. 
  • Must have received and exhausted all Grants, Loans and Scholarship funds available.
  • Disbursement may take up to 5 business days after approval
  • Does NOT cover Cable Bills or Credit Card payments 
  • The following events and documentation are required to qualify:
    • Car repair?
      • Bill or Quote from an auto shop or mechanic (documentation)
    • Reduction in hours at work? (no fault)
      • Utility bills with "Disconnection notice" (documentation)
    • Emergency medical assistance?
      • Prescription from a doctor or pharmacy invoice (not receipt) (documentation)
    • Emergency child care?
      • Quote from a licensed child care provider (documentation)
    • Emergency dental care?
      • Quote or Invoice from a dentist (documentation)
    • Loss of housing due to catastrophe?
      • Rental Invoice from landlord (documentation)
    • Emergency Travel plans due to death?
      • Airline invoice (documentation)
  • If awarded, must participate in an-online financial literacy lesson
  • Approval is made by committee and cannot be appealed.

W-9 Form

A W-9 form is Required from the vendor you obtain services from to qualify for the SURF Grant

  • Print it 
  • Give to the vendor you are using for the service being provided
  • The vendor must complete the form and also provide their Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) on the form. 
  • Return the completed form to the PERC office or email it to

SURF Application

Note: Please login (top right-hand corner) then you will access to the form. It is also preferable to use a PC with Chrome browser vs a phone.

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