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Perkins Grant

About the Perkins Grant

Many programs at Palm Beach State College are operated in part with dollars from the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006. Funds from this federal grant help the College develop more fully the academic, career and technical skills of postsecondary students who elect to enroll in career and technical education programs.

Palm Beach State offers over 130 programs in fields including trade and industry, health science, business, public safety, child care and human services, teacher education, computer science, biotechnology, environmental science, environmental horticulture, and creative arts and communications.

One way to promote success is to encourage students to consider all career options. A core objective of the Perkins Grant is to correct the gender imbalance in nontraditional occupations. The term "nontraditional" refers to those occupations in which 25 percent or less of the workforce is of one gender. Thus, if an occupation's workforce is comprised mostly of one gender (75 percent or more), that occupation is considered nontraditional for the opposite or under-represented gender. Take a closer look at the programs offered by Palm Beach State in nontraditional occupations for men and women.

2015-16 Perkins Documents

All documents are in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format, unless otherwise specified.

In order to protect the privacy of our Perkins-funded employees, budgeted salaries have been redacted from the documents below.

Grant proposal

Comprehensive narrative through 2014-15
The Florida DOE allows agencies to simply update their prior responses in their annual renewal application. This document contains the most recent responses through FY 2015.

Accountability measures

Locally Agreed-Upon Performance Levels (LAUPL)

Performance improvement plans (PIP)

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