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Vassilia Binensztok photo

Vassilia Binensztok

Adjunct Instructor, Psychology

Campus: Boca Raton
Office: CA 0113
Mailing Address: 801 Palm Beach State College Drive, MS 44, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Class Schedule & Syllabi

Fall 2018
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Location: (Lake Worth) SS 00215 Days: R
Upon Request

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor

            My first passion was creative writing. I have been writing poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction since I was nine years old, and earned my Bachelor’s in English and Creative Writing.  During my undergraduate career, I also studied psychology, sociology, culture, and women’s studies, and realized that what I love most is analyzing and reflecting on the human experience through different disciplines. 

            I love being a professor and a therapist because working in the community in this way allows me to directly impact society. I especially love teaching psychology because I find it fascinating and I believe my students do too. Psychology makes more sense to me than any academic discipline and gives me the perfect platform from which to explore the human experience.  My perspective is humanistic and existential. 

            I hope to teach my students to think critically, and reason and decide as individuals.  I want to inspire my students to be true to themselves, persevere, and believe in themselves.  I strive to provide my students with the best possible experience by addressing all their questions, fostering an inclusive environment, encouraging abstract discussions, consistently furthering my education, and creating my own educational materials. 

            Outside of teaching, I have a private psychotherapy practice. My interests also include art, classic American literature, poetry, sociology, current events, women’s studies, philosophy, music, and travel.