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Program Learning Outcomes
Industrial Management Technology (AS)

Program Learning Outcome #1
Provide personnel management and support with employee recruitment, selection, promotion, performance, supervision and labor relations.

Program Learning Outcome #2
Conduct customer service functions by identifying needs and monitoring industrial processes for quality standards.

Program Learning Outcome #3
Utilize industrial technology concepts and problem solving skills to improve operational procedures and practices.

Program Learning Outcome #4
Develop and monitor budgets relative to labor, materials, personnel costs and capital outlays.

Program Learning Outcome #5
Prepare and present technical reports and project proposals.

Program Learning Outcome #6
Record and maintain data collection systems to monitor quality of technical operational practices, procedures and business operations.

Program Learning Outcome #7
Develop production planning schedules and identify timelines, materials, equipment, manpower and outside resources required for business practices, processes and workflow.

Program Learning Outcome #8
Conduct general supervision of internal and external business resources, maintenance of inventory and schedules of suppliers.

Program Learning Outcome #9
Implement and maintain environmental health and safety regulations, policies and required business procedures and practices.