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Program Learning Outcomes
Nursing (AS)

Program Learning Outcome #1
Adhere to standards of professional practice while accepting accountability for personal actions/behaviors.

Program Learning Outcome #2
Perform nursing responsibilities within the legal, ethical, and regulatory frameworks.

Program Learning Outcome #3
Communicate through verbal, non-verbal, written or electronic information for the promotion of positive outcomes and the establishment of therapeutic relationships.

Program Learning Outcome #4
Appraise patient/client health status through the comprehensive analysis and synthesis of relevant data.

Program Learning Outcome #5
Provide patient/client care using critical thinking to formulate clinical judgements based on the analysis and integration of accurate assessments and multiple sources of information.

Program Learning Outcome #6
Design wellness care plans based on patient/client individual needs for successful client goal attainment.

Program Learning Outcome #7
Design and implement processes for health promotion, health maintenance and risk reduction for self and others.

Program Learning Outcome #8
Collaborate in shared planning, decision making and goal setting for holistic wellness-based client-centered care across health care settings.

Program Learning Outcome #9
Effectively manage patient/client goal attainment and support organizational outcomes through the efficient and effective use of human, physical, financial and technological resources.

Program Learning Outcome #10
The program graduate will pass the state of board licensure/certification exam