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Program Learning Outcomes
Human Services - Addictions Studies (AS)

Program Learning Outcome #1
Demonstrate an understanding of mental health/human service trends, issues and regulations and be able to apply them to inpatient, outpatient and other programs within the human services delivery system

Program Learning Outcome #2
Effectively plan and apply group counseling theories and techniques in the addictions field as well as demonstrate

Program Learning Outcome #3
Demonstrate the use of assessment, evaluation, problem-solving, referral and crisis intervention skills necessary to provide effective case management for clients

Program Learning Outcome #4
Utilize knowledge of legal and ethical issues in the human services field pertaining to client confidentiality, limits of competency and the need for continuing professional development

Program Learning Outcome #5
Demonstrate the ability to screen for co-occuring disorders and conduct an initial clinical interview to determine possible diagnoses, severity, and potential treatment goals.

Program Learning Outcome #6
Create comprehensive case files that document the assement and treatment planning process.

Program Learning Outcome #7
Apply theoretical models to explain addiction and the use of evidence based-practices in the addiction field.

Program Learning Outcome #8
Develop a case conceptualization and treatment plan that integrates basic elements of family therapy as applicable to families with addiction.