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Program Learning Outcomes
Paralegal (AS)

Program Learning Outcome #1
Identify substantive and procedural theories and concepts as they apply to a wide variety of legal tasks completed in legal settings, such as private law firms, corporate and public legal offices and nonprofit legal services entities.

Program Learning Outcome #2
Effectively communicate in writing and orally with persons who seek legal services as well as other parties who are an integral part of the legal process, such as court personnel, other paralegals in offices of opposing counsels, clients and witnesses.

Program Learning Outcome #3
Use both print and technology modes, including pleading texts and programs, and research programs typically found in legal settings.

Program Learning Outcome #4
Identify and solve questions related to the ethical practice of law under the direction of a licensed attorney.

Program Learning Outcome #5
Recognize and understand how court personnel, attorneys and all other persons employed in the delivery of legal services relate to each other.