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Program Learning Outcomes
Dental Assisting (PSAV)

Program Learning Outcome #1
Understand and identify the importance of professional ethics in a dental environment

Program Learning Outcome #2
Adhere to state and federal laws, recommendations and regulations in the provision of dental assisting care.

Program Learning Outcome #3
Advance the profession through service activities and affiliations with professional organizations

Program Learning Outcome #4
Promote the values of oral and general health and wellness to the public and organizations within and outside the profession.

Program Learning Outcome #5
Evaluate factors that can be used to promote patient/client adherence to disease prevention and /or health maintenance strategies.

Program Learning Outcome #6
Collect, maintains, and organizes data in a dental environment

Program Learning Outcome #7
Understand and utilize proper procedures and protocol for patient safety risk factors by demonstrating knowledge and understanding of medical/dental/social histories

Program Learning Outcome #8
Demonstrate the ability to handle multi-tasks simultaneously and to operate in a logical, sequential, and orderly manner

Program Learning Outcome #9
The program graduate will pass the state of board licensure/certification exam