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Program Learning Outcomes
Supervision and Management: Entrepreneurship (BAS)

Program Learning Outcome #1
Analyze the strategies leaders use to motivate and evaluate individuals and teams.

Program Learning Outcome #2
Comprehend and apply ethical practices in professional activities.

Program Learning Outcome #3
Comprehend and apply the framework underlying the principles of finance, budgeting, and accounting.

Program Learning Outcome #4
Apply management theories and practices in program and resource management.

Program Learning Outcome #5
Compare and analyze strategies and frameworks used by leaders to initiate change in organizations.

Program Learning Outcome #6
Apply information management practices to the business/organization environment and adapt to future technology changes.

Program Learning Outcome #7
Apply written and oral presentation skills that demonstrate understanding, confidence, rationale, and perspective

Program Learning Outcome #8
Integrate the knowledge acquired in the Supervision and Management program to analyze a business to identify its strengths and weaknesses and develop an improvement plan.

Program Learning Outcome #9
Apply skills acquired in management, international business, marketing, business law, accounting, finance, economics, entrepreneurship, and management information systems to different business environements.

Program Learning Outcome #10
Determine and assess opportunities for new venture creation and identify external resources useful for entrepreneurs during concept development.