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Program Learning Outcomes
Information Management - Security & Network Assurance (BAS)

Program Learning Outcome #1
Describe the components in the network infrastructure

Program Learning Outcome #2
Use and configure network applications to secure the private and DMZ networks

Program Learning Outcome #3
Demonstrate comprehensive understanding for information and network security; planning, risk management, security technologies, and personnel

Program Learning Outcome #4
Install Certificate of Authority, configure and perform penetration tests to secure Web type applications

Program Learning Outcome #5
Determine which Network security policies should be applied in a number of environments

Program Learning Outcome #6
Perform two-factor authentication methods by analyzing intrusions and gather information and evidence about attacks in a legal forensically matter.

Program Learning Outcome #7
Comprehend and apply ethical practices in professional activities

Program Learning Outcome #8
Comprehend & apply the framework underlying the principles of finance and budgeting

Program Learning Outcome #9
Apply written and oral presentation skills that demonstrate understanding, confidence, rationale, and perspective.

Program Learning Outcome #10
Develop Object Oriented computer programs using decision and repetition structures applying data structures concepts

Program Learning Outcome #11
Apply techniques for collecting data and analyzing information systematically with the intent to improve organizational input, process and output processes as well as improve quality of work for users.

Program Learning Outcome #12
Demonstrate in-depth understanding for Relational Database Models; Data Structures, Data Modeling and Data Dictionaries.

Program Learning Outcome #13
Describe project management framework's nine knowledge areas, including project stakeholders, project management common tools and techniques and project success factors.