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Math Homework Strategies

  1. Know your textbook! Before you begin the first homework assignment, survey your text. Make note of the way in which new concepts are indicated (colors, boxes, etc.), where helpful information can be found (appendices, chapter summaries, etc.), how steps are shown in problems, and other helpful features of the text.
  2. For each section of assigned problems, read the directions!
  3. Prepare before you start.
    • Define and label the objectives, concepts, and formulas that will be used in the assignment.
    • Identify examples from the chapter that correspond to each set of assigned problems.
    • Review class notes and examples.


4.       Warm up with a problem that you can do successfully.

5.       Do the homework!

o        Be neat. Leave space between lines for clarity and corrections.

o        Show all work. Be sure that others can follow your steps. Showing all steps and work is especially important if you "get stuck" and need to get help.

o        Make note cards and use them to write down any and all formulas or procedures. Take these cards with you for quick study whenever you have a few moments. Keep your note cards and add to them note cards from future math classes.

o        Keep a list of problems or concepts that you find difficult or confusing. Then see your instructor or a tutor in the Math Lab for help.

6.       Review your completed assignment.

o        Check your work.

o        Restate the objectives and be sure you understand the main concepts in the assignment.

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