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Creative Arts & Communications

Palm Beach State College offers a wide range of programs that will help you work in communications. Your career options for both the visual communicator and the verbal communicator are below. Whether your interest is designing, performing, writing or speaking, we give you choices.

Graphic Design Technology
Combine text, graphics, music, video, photography, and animation as you learn to build interactive, entertaining and informative, multimedia presentations, or specialize in visual print graphics through graphic design. Earn your associate's degree, or train for specific skills with a production certificate.

Interior Design Technology
Combines architecture, design, space planning and interior decoration as you learn to build display boards, scale drawings; to understand space planning, green design and Kitchen and bath design. Earn your associate’s degree, or train for specific skills with a certificate.

Motion Picture & Television Production Technology
Combines the skills of lighting, sound, editing and film as you perfect your skills for an entry level in our local film industry. The program’s faculty, local professionals, are ready to assist you in creating and producing a film or learning to direct a local news cast. Earn your associate degree or learn specific skills with a certificate.

Associate in Arts Degree

Our associate in arts degree allows you to specialize in many art forms including:

Our associate in arts degree guarantees acceptance into a state university to complete your bachelor’s. See Transfer Guidelines.

Continuing Education Language Courses

Theatres & Galleries

Palm Beach State offers several opportunities to broaden your learning experiences with three theatres and two galleries.

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