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Electrical Power Technology


What is Electrical Power Technology?

The Electrical Power Technology program at PBSC is a two-year Associate in Science degree, which prepares students for careers in power, aerospace, and automation industries.

Our specialization is in Instrumentation & Control (I&C), which is a science of measurement and control of processes that occur in production and manufacturing.

The culmination of the program is a cap-stone course Special Topics in Electrical Engineering, where students demonstrate the knowledge they gained through designing, building, implementing, and presenting a project in the field of study.

In the field of power generation, I&C relates directly to power generation in power plants, while in aerospace industry, I&C relates directly to jet turbines. Of course, in addition to power generation and jet turbines, there are numerous other processes in aerospace industry, as well as, in the electric power grid that require measurement and control. This opens the door to careers such as control room operators (think controlling wind turbines and wind farms, water systems and gates), automation technicians (controlling processes in manufacturing), and many others.

As our electrical grid ages, new technologies such as new measurement sensors, new advanced controls, and telecommunications technologies, are enabling us to create a more responsive, stable, and valuable electric power grid, called Smart Grid. We have incorporated Smart Grid technologies in multiple classes, enabling careers in this field. Combined with Alternative Energy Engineering Technology College Credit Certificate, new clean power production ways combined with the state-of-the-art Smart Grid technologies, make for ideal combination to power your career.



Modern Gas turbine power plants are essentially the same technology as jet engines, thus, the same skills in I&C transfer directly into the aerospace industry. From instrumenting, to testing, to data acquisition, to controls: the skills that our students develop here in the program provide excellent starting point to a career in the aerospace industry. With the large aerospace industry cluster in Palm Beach County, we cooperate, coordinate and have support from all major players in the industry.

Our labs, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, from Instrumentation & Control training stations: process control modules, temperature control modules, sensor calibration modules, data acquisition centers, valves, fluid control modules, to wind turbine control and SCADA control centers, to Smart Grid and ZigBee modules, to alternative energy installations (small wind, and solar arrays), to biofuels lab, to OSI Software PI system centers, enable students to gain as much practical and hands-on knowledge as possible. In addition, with our cooperation with local industry and business partners, we assist students in obtaining internships and positions to further enhance their learning experience.

The program takes students from general education, through introductory classes in electrical field (circuits, electronics), though introductory theory about power systems, via basics of programming (microcontrollers, PLCs), to specialized classes in alternative energies, Smart Grid, and advanced Instrumentation and control. The program is Algebra based, and the only pre-requisite is willingness to work hard!

As an Electrical Power Technology (EPT) student at Palm Beach State College, you can work toward an A.S. degree, preparing for a career in various fields, including electrical engineering, instrumentation and controls, fluids and pneumatics, and mechanical engineering.

Your Training: With our state-of-the-art equipment, lab activities, and focus on applied learning, you will receive the skills and knowledge needed by employers.

Your Career: In cooperation with local industry, we assist you in obtaining internships and work in exciting and rewarding positions, such as a technician in power generation, electronics, engineering, operation controls, instrumentation, testing, calibration, rotating machinery, research and development, or as engineering assistants.

Keep Learning: The A.S. degree program transfers into Palm Beach State's Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Supervision and Management.

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Alternative Energy Engineering Technology - College Credit Certificate (CCC)

If you are interested in sustainable energy and want to build a rewarding career in a rapidly growing industry, then this program is for you.

Your Training: Through hands-on learning activities in well-equipped classrooms, you'll study bio-fuels, wind and solar energy, and environmental mapping technologies, among other topics central to understanding current practices in sustainable green energy generation.

Your Career: This unique program prepares students for entry-level opportunities in the alternative energy industry. Technicians and others working in the electrical power industry will gain options for career growth and advancement.

Keep Learning: Credits from this certificate transfer into the College's Associate in Science degree in Electrical Power Technology.

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Professor Oleg Andric |  561-207-5414

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