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Application Checklist

All students applying to the Patient Care Assistant program are required to attend the PCA electronic information session to apply.

Your application will not be complete unless you:

  • Submit the online college application if you are a first-time Palm Beach State student.
  • If a returning student, submit a program objective change form to the Admission/Registration Office to make Patient Care Assisting (5233) your Primary Objective.
  • Complete the electronic information session before the application deadline.
    • Complete the information session quiz with an 100% and print quiz results.
  • Print out and complete the PCA program application before the application deadline.
  • Submit a PCA program application with the100% quiz result print-out to the Nursing Program Office (AH 110) before the application deadline.
  • (AFTER PROGRAM ACCEPTANCE): Complete the Medical and Background Entrance Packet that is sent to the student's Palm Beach State student e-mail account.
    • The Medical and Background Entrance Packet will include:
      • Medical exam form
      • Criminal Background Check (includes Social Security number verification)
      • Drug screen form
      • Level 2 FDLE Fingerprinting Form
  • Submit the completed Medical and Background Entrance Packet to the Nursing Program Office.

Acceptance/Registration Applicants who are selected will be notified approximately seven (7) business days after the deadline date by the Nursing Program Office. If an applicant is selected and does not complete the registration process, the applicant must reapply and is not guaranteed acceptance in any subsequent selection process.

Once a student is contacted by the Nursing Program Office via e-mail, the accepted student will receive a program Acceptance Packet with course registration information and orientation date and times.

Accepted students will also be required to:

  • Order PCA program uniforms (Order forms are located in the PCA Acceptance Packet).
  • Purchase required books and supplies (See electronic information session for more details).

After admission, the medical and background documentation must be on file with the Nursing Program Office. All students are conditionally accepted and will be required to obtain Criminal Background Checks Drug Screenings, and Fingerprinting (at their own expense) prior to the start of class. Further information will be provided when admitted into the Patient Care Assisting program. Failure to provide such documentation will result in termination of application.

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