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PCA Electronic Information Session

The Patient Care Assistant Information Sessionis now open for the Fall 2018 application cycle. Please click in the the "electronic info session" link and complete the eletronic session by the program application deadline. 


The application deadline for the fall session is July 15, 2018.

Once the Information Session opens:  Please review the information session content throughly, and complete the "electronic information session quiz" by selecting the link at the end of the presentation. You must submit a complete quiz with 100% in order to receive credit for attending the session. You can take the quiz multiple times. Students will NOT receive an Admission Packet to the PCA program unless they submit a information session quiz score with an 100% and the student's FULL NAME (first and last), STUDENT ID, and PALM BEACH STATE STUDENT E-MAIL is also included in the submitted quiz.

Students must attend one electronic information session per application period. Quizzes will not transfer over to the following application term.


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