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FEAPS and Portfolios


The Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs) have been adopted by the Florida State Board of Education to specify what teachers should know and be able to do at the different stages of their career. The FEAPs highlighted at the beginning of the FEAPs self-assessment are for the Pre-professional level -- ready to begin teaching. There are also FEAPs at the Professional level (after beginning teaching) and the Accomplished level (experienced and outstanding levels of teaching).

Each FEAP includes a brief description of the practices and lists of key indicators (critical skill areas). These key indicators are samples of actions or behaviors that evaluators (professors, cooperating teachers, principals etc.) may be looking for when they evaluate your work. This helps them to determine if you are mastering the FEAP.

• Many of your assignments (artifacts) throughout the program will be designed to help you develop these skills. Your professors will be evaluating your progress on the FEAPs as you go through each course.

Portfolio (Artifacts)

  1. A portfolio is a tool for documenting and assessing achievement in the 6 FEAPs. The portfolio is made up of artifacts (assignments) that are completed and evaluated in each of the EPI courses. Artifacts can be reflection papers, lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, etc. By the end of the program your portfolio will contain several artifacts under each FEAP area.
  2. The Educator Preparation Institute portfolio satisfies the Florida Department of Education Statement of Eligibility competency program requirement.
  3. Passing evaluations (graded rubric) on each EPI portfolio artifact are required to earn passing credit for each EPI course.
  4. Portfolio artifacts must be based on your documented Subject Area eligibility.

The portfolio artifacts are based on the FEAPs. You must demonstrate competency in all 6 areas to complete the program and be recommended for certification.

Each term there are workshops available to students for more detailed instruction on the portfolio, artifacts, and writing lesson plans. For more information, contact the EPI Office.   

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