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Practicum Experience

Practicum Experience for EPI0950 

Practicum Experience is a requirement of the Educator Preparation Institute for all participants, even if the participant is employed as a full time teacher of record in a public, private, or a charter school.

EPI0950 is a 16-week course in which participants must complete 30 hours of observation and two successful teaching demonstrations.

EPI participants must complete the fingerprinting process with Palm Beach County Schools prior to starting their Practicum Experience. For students that are currently employed in a charter or private school, they may complete their Practicum Experience at their school site, and it will be at the discretion of the school as to whether they will be required to be fingerprinted; however, all observation hours must be completed with a Certified Clinical Educator.

EPI participants who are employed in public, private, or charter schools must secure permission from their department chairs and/or principals to complete their required practicum experience hours during their preparation time.


For all EPI students:  View the printable log sheet which will document your Practicum Experience hours. These signed, completed sheets must be submitted for verification to the instructor of EPI 0950 at the completion of the course AND must be submitted at your Exit Interview for the Educator Preparation Institute. EPI instructors are not to collect and hold these Time Logs. It is the student's responsibility to submit this completed log at their exit interview.

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