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American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welder Testing

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Thanks to funding from a Department of Labor grant (SEELC), we are pleased to offer AWS Certified Welder Testing through a collaborative effort between the Welding Technology program and the college’s Corporate and Continuing Education department. 

AWS Certified Welder testing is offered throughout the semester on a rotating schedule. The testing includes one day of instruction and one day of testing. You can expect on night one to complete paperwork, practice welds with a qualified welding instructor and understand the requirements you will need to test. On the second night of certification, you will be required to come prepared to test. The Certified Welding Inspector will review safety procedures, make sure you understand what you will be required to perform and set any other requirements for your specific test.

Prior to enrolling for a Certified Welder exam, review the AWS FAQs

Interested in more information?

Send an email to or call (561) 868-3885

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