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Bachelor's Degree Internship Program

Student Projects

Supervision & Management students may gain valuable work experience with local employers in their area of concentration. Find out more about internship opportunities.

Jonathan Rothenburg

Jonathan Rothenburg

Throughout my internship experience with the USCIS West Palm Beach field office, I had an opportunity to experience and take part in nearly every facet of the organization’s main mission. From learning about the liaison of communication between the USCIS and customers in the mail room to conducting a naturalization ceremony as the m aster of ceremony, I was empowered with a responsibility to ensure the integrity of the citizenship and immigration process as well as protect this nation’s promise of national security.

During my tenure, I worked alongside hardworking, knowledgeable employees who graciously took the time to stop everything and thoroughly explain the processes to which I was witnessing when shadowing him or her. From a student and future professional’s perspective, this type of experience and exposure could not have been more influential to the betterment of my career, regardless of my chosen career path.

Internship presentation and Internship synopsis 2015


Martha B.A.S. Internship 2016

Martha Marrotta: MacArthur Beach State Park 2016

Hi! My name is Martha and I am interning at MacArthur Beach State Park. I am extremely fortunate to have this internship and love every second of it. My title is Animal Care but I do anything they ask of me. I help with the education program, animal care, exotics, and special projects that benefit the park. I love that I am making a difference for the animals and teaching others about the importance of conservation. Daily, I feed the animals in our exhibit and make sure they are healthy. The two education turtles we have routinely visit the vet and will be released at 45 centimeters of shell length. Come visit and enjoy the beautiful park!


Jeff B.A.S. Internship 2016

Jeffery Gaubatz

Legal Liaison: The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches 2016

As my role as Court Liaison at The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches, and in my Internship project, my focus is tracking patients that have criminal charges and are offered alternative sentencing programs (Drug Court/Veterans Court), and their progress in long term treatment. Many of our patients come to us with legal woes. There are often questions and concerns about receiving treatment while dealing with legal issues, court dates, case management and probation violations. With the Court Liaison Program, our goal is to make it easier for our patients to communicate with the appropriate legal parties so they can successfully complete their treatment. Under the guidance of our supervising attorney, we facilitate communication between patients and their legal representatives. (The Court Liaison Program is a service of The Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches and should never be considered formal legal representation. Hiring a private attorney for personal representation is a serious decision and is always recommended by the Court Liaison Program.)

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