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Biotechnology program Testimonials


Our Students Success Stories

Testimonials from our Graduates
 Student Testimonials
J Maleski

Jackie Maleski

“The biotechnology program at PBSC granted me a new perspective of laboratory and research work in general and helped successfully starting my life-science career by landing my first-industry job.”
This program is designed in a manner that facilitates our transition to the industry. The labs mimic a working environment including: procedures, equipment training, deadlines, assignments which allows you to have first-hand experience with customer service and interacting lab suppliers. For somebody who aspired from a young age to be a lab technician this program catered my needs and best interests. The professors are incredibly knowledgeable, the class environment stimulates learning, the class size allows professors and students to interact more.
Unlike many of my friends, I did not land an internship in the first-place, I was hired to an Inventory-Laboratory Technician position at Biomex-US LLC, offered a few days after landing this job the opportunity to pursue my internship. Then one month later promoted to QC-Lab Technician; taking care of the incoming products, assuring the quality of our biological materials. As my boss described '' Jackie you are the one responsible to keep me out of jail." I am the one responsible to inspect the biological materials, check labels, detect errors, notify my superiors, fix these errors if applicable. I am eternally thankful to this amazing program for pivoting my newest accomplishments, granting the gift of education, giving the opportunity to connect with professionals in the field, providing the training and tools for our professional experience. Most importantly thank you for allowing me to be one of the many successful stories from the Biotechnology Program.


Johanna Polycart

"The skills I acquired in the Biotech labs at Palm Beach State College made my tasks easier during my internship. I worked in the analytical laboratory at Sancilio, so the techniques I learned at PBSC (pipetting, making media, using a balance, etc.) were very useful, and made me confident when approaching new experiments.

I really appreciated that the teachers from the Biotechnology program made sure their students gained enough knowledge so they can attain their career goals."


Laurianne Arrieta 

"Doing my internship at AssureImmune has been a very rewarding experience. One in which, I was able to apply the hands on skills I acquired at Palm Beach State College. My experiences and knowledge that I have gained at AssureImmune will follow me into future endeavors."


 Laura Gonzalez

"I work as an associate scientist at Cytonics Corporation. In May of 2012, I was accepted at Cytonics to develop my internship under the mentorship of Dr. John Laughlin. As an intern, I performed ELISA tests, PCR, DNA isolation, protein purification, tissue culture, and other molecular biology procedures. This was a great professional opportunity! All the knowledge I acquired at PBSC was helpful to complete my internship and finally get hired. Biotechnology is an amazing field; you learn something new every day. I would recommend anyone who loves science to go ahead and take this opportunity at PBSC. This would never have been possible without all the guidance of all my professors."


 Casey Nagel

"The Biotech program at PBSC has provided me with the training and skills required for a career in a rapidly growing field of study. As a student who has completed the course work for the Biotech program I can say without a doubt that the faculty strives to educate their students while preparing them for a multitude of careers in the industry. After completing the internship course I was able to obtain a position as the Assistant Lab Manager at Ocean Ridge Biosciences. Without the instruction and guidance of all of my professors at PBSC this would not have been possible."



Emily McPeek

"In March 2011, I was accepted into the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy Interdisciplinary REU in the Structure and Function of Proteins. For 10 weeks, I worked in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, under the mentorship of Dr. Wei Cheng, whose research lab studies HIV-1 and the potential applications of nanotubes as drug delivery devices. My project was to tailor a published protocol for single-cell PCR in order to successfully amplify DNA from a single SupT1 cell; this protocol would then be used to measure HIV-1 infection rates for different viral entry mechanisms. In the course of the project, I used bioinformatics resources to design a set of PCR primers which succeeded in amplifying our target DNA sequence, where the published primers had not been successful in our experiments. Dr. Cheng expects that the results of my project will be included in a publication in the coming year.

The biotechnology curriculum from Palm Beach State College was instrumental in my achievements. From the basics of sterile technique and PCR to tissue culture, bioinformatics, and experimental design, there was almost nothing I learned in the biotech program that did not directly assist me in my REU work. PBSC's biotech program defies all negative stereotypes about two-year or community colleges; indeed, the education I received here is far superior to any I have received at my local university, and I'm not shy about saying it to whomever will listen! As with any program, you reap what you sow- a highly motivated student will gain independence in the laboratory, confidence with essential scientific concepts and techniques, and the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in the biotech industry."


 Lorena Rincon

"After graduating from Florida Atlantic University, I realized I needed more experience in the Biotech world in order to obtain a decent job. After only a semester in the Biotech program at Palm Beach State College, I have learned and seen more than all my years at any other institution. I am extremely impressed with the Biotech program here at Palm Beach State College. The hands on experience and the teaching faculty is unequivocally the best education I have ever received. The faculty is extremely helpful in making sure I will be prepared for my future. Without a doubt I am confident that by completing the courses here at Palm Beach State College, I will reach that level of experience that I need to perform all lab techniques on my own and to obtain an entry level position in the professional field."


Betty Dietsch 

"Palm Beach State's Biotechnology Program has not only given me a solid, comprehensive education on all aspects of biotechnology, but also opened doors to internships and job opportunities I may not have achieved without having previously obtained this knowledge. This summer I completed an internship at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in Biomedical/Marine Microbiology, the basis of which was pure biotechnology, and my Palm Beach State Biotech program classes pulled me through with ease."



Yiqun Ding 

"Our program is awesome. These classes really open our view to the latest technology in the world. Plus, it is fun to do the experiments. The program has provided me the opportunity to study and work in the field that I really like."

 John Schneider,

"I can't say enough about the teachers and the curriculum of the Biotechnology program at Palm Beach State College. The quality and depth of the coursework and faculty far exceeded my expectations. What's more, the faculty are generous with their time and patience which has helped me make a smooth career transition in a challenging economic environment. If you're looking for a stimulating career with a bright future, I can't think of a better place to start."



 Scott Novick

"My name is Scott Novick and I am pursuing a career in the biosciences. I cannot overemphasize how impressed I have been with the curriculum offered at Palm Beach State. All of my biotechnology professors have been PhD's with extensive real world experience in many fields of research. I am currently in the midst of an internship at the Scripps Research Institute and would never have been able to carry my weight here without the education I received over the last two years. I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all my professors, and I am confident that I will have a distinct advantage over my fellow students as I continue my education at Florida Atlantic University."

Dane Wiren

“My decision to enroll in the Biotech program at Palm Beach State College was one of the most rewarding choices I ever made. The coursework was challenging but the dedicated staff under the supervision of Dr. Gorgevska guided us through each concept and technique until we became proficient. I would never have dreamed I would be doing an internship at The Scripps Research Institute when I started the program, but a number of my classmates now work in labs there. The Palm Beach State Biotech program prepared me for my future as a researcher and gave me a start in the career I always wanted.”


Gabriel Gaglio

“This journey through the program has been one of highs and lows. I have never been so excited to learn this wealth of knowledge given to me by Palm Beach State College (PBSC). Everyone in this program has become family to me and I have grown to be a more learned scholar and a better person because of it. This program gave me the fundamentals to succeed in biotechnology. The mentors that are here at PBSC have gone above and beyond for all their students and me. If you are looking for a great program and professors that will escort you through the proper techniques for a foothold in biotechnology look no further, this is it! I don’t just look at Edison Mejia, Dr. Alexandra Gorgevska, Dr. Mark Clementz, Dr. Tod Fairbanks and Dr. Becky Mercer as mentors but friends as well. I am humbled by what they have taught me throughout the years and continue to teach me. Without their guidance I would have never been able to obtain my internship at Scripps Research Institute. It has given me the tools to reach for my goals and lead me further on the course of my purpose to enhance live with biotechnology. Thank you, Biotech PBSC you changed my life for the best.”


Anh Phan

The Biotech Program at PBSC has been a wonderful place where students have found their interest at research in STEM fields and higher education in many areas, such as B. S/ B. A, M.S, Ph.D., Post-Doc., Pharm.D., M.D., etc. What I really like about this program is that I can have hands-on experiences, develop laboratory techniques/skills and gain enormous, solid amounts of knowledge in STEM fields via biotech labs, class projects, LSSF presentations, biotech extracurricular activities, and the internship. I am always grateful to the Biotech Program because all the labs have similar environment to biotech industrial working environment, including: lab reports, protocol, general laboratory safety procedures, equipment training, assignments, deadlines. This helps me understand what a laboratory technician looks like and how to do research in any labs. I conducted an internship at the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College of Florida Atlantic University, Jupiter Life Science Initiatives, under the direction of my PI, Dr. Erik Duboue. My PI was very surprised and glad that I came in knowing exactly what to do with very little training, which saved him a lot of time and for me, to have several projects to carry out during the summer. Upon completion, I stayed in his lab and started my first semester here at the Honors College of FAU. My goals are to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience, go study aboard in Europe to find out more about research opportunities in any STEM areas, and pursue higher education later on. 


Joseph Ramirez

How the Biotechnology Program Helped Me

Before I jumped into the world of Biotechnology I was a security guard working a near minimum wage job. I was a US Navy Vet that did not know what to do with his GI Bill, and I spent countless hours trying to find out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I was always good at science in school, having won accolades for my science performance. Here I was, a grown man and the best I was doing was as a security guard. I took a temp job at a biotech firm as a machine operator. After the job period expired, I decided to pursue the field by joining the Biotechnology Program at PBSC. My eyes became opened to the expanding world of biotechnology and all the wonders of cell therapies, recombinant proteins and other novel biotech movements. I worked hard throughout the program, learning how chromatography works and how to extract DNA but one of the areas I always excelled in was in working with my hands and following procedures. Upon completion of my Biotech II coursework, internship time came up and Dr. Gorgevska suggested I try applying at Akron Biotech in their warehouse to get my foot in through the door. However, after landing the interview beyond my own expectations I was offered a higher position in their manufacturing team! I turned out to be the perfect fit they were looking for and I owe it all to the PBSC program, Dr. Alexandra Gorgevska, Dr. Becky Mercer and the rest of the faculty that helped me along the way.














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