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Early Child Care & Afterschool Programs

Palm Beach State College recognizes the efforts of child care professionals in Palm Beach County to provide quality care.

At Palm Beach State, you can choose from many options. We offer guest speakers, entry-level training courses in early childhood and school age, training for future business owners interested in family child care, certificate programs that specialize in early childhood and school age, and an Associate in Science degree in Early Childhood Education.

Palm Beach State College can provide the training you need to comply with the latest laws, enhance your professional development and meet the needs of the community.


Step 1: Entry Level Child Care Training (Scholarships Now Available)

40-Hour Child Care Certificate

30-Hour Family Child Care Certificate

40-Hour School Age Certificate

Child Care Competency Exams (Department of Children and Families - DCF)


Step 2: Early Childhood & Afterschool Certificate Programs

Florida Child Care Professional Credential (FCCPC) - "Caring for Children Birth to Three Years Old" (Infant & Toddler Track)

Early Childhood Professional Certificate (ECPC) - Three to Five Years Old (Preschool Track)

School Age Professional Certificate (SAPC) (Afterschool Track)

Director's Credential


Step 3: Credit Pathway

Child Care Center Management (CCC)

Early Childhood Education, Associate of Science (AS)

Youth Development


Step 4: Professional Development 

Institute of Excellence in Early Care and Education


Contact Info

The Early Childhood & K-12 programs are housed at the Lake Worth campus, Continuing Education building of Palm Beach State College. Call us at 561-868-4040. 

Jennifer Johnson
Early Childhood & K-12 Programs
Phone: 561-868-4049  |  Fax: 561-868-4051

Luisa Brennan
Program Director
Early Childhood & K-12 Programs
40-Hour Introductory Child Care Training (Preschool)
40-Hour School-Age Training
Family Child Care Training
School-Age Professional Certificate (SAPC)
Phone: 561-868-4048  |  Fax: 561-868-4051

Susy Martinez-White, M.S. Ed. 
Program Director
Early Childhood & K-12 Programs
Early Childhood Professional Certificate (ECPC)
Florida Child Care Professional Credential (FCCPC)
Phone: 561-868-3807  |  Fax: 561-868-4051

Karline S. Prophete, PhD
Program Director 
Early Childhood & K-12 Programs 
Education Preparation Institute
Phone: 561-868-3872  |  Fax: 561-868-3538

Lucia Adrian
Program Director 
Early Childhood & K-12 Programs 
Department of Children & Families
Phone: 561-868-4044  |  Fax: 561-868-4051

Colleen Fawcett
Department Chair
Associate in Arts/College Credit Certificates
Phone: 561-868-3349  |  Fax: 561-868-3327

Susan Caldwell
Associate Dean
Phone: 561-868-3339  |  Fax: 561-868-3327

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