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Business Partner Profile

More than 400 business partners support Palm Beach State’s career programs. These great partners work closely with the College to ensure that students learn exactly what they’ll need to know to get a job after graduation. The partners also provide internships, training sites, guest speakers, company tours, scholarships, mentoring and help in sourcing equipment for student labs.

Read about one of the Dental Health program’s valuable partners:

Sharon Masiarczyk

Territory Representative, South Florida
Benco Dental
Chairperson, Program Advisory Council
for Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene

On the inside track
When you visit at least 10 dental practices a day, and have done so for more than 15 years, you acquire plenty of insider knowledge. That’s why Sharon Masiarczyk’s lecture, “The 10 Do’s and Don’ts in a Dental Office,” is an annual event for Palm Beach State’s dental assisting and dental hygiene students.

Dental lab at the Lake Worth campus

Since 1998, Masiarczyk has been the College’s vendor for dental equipment and supplies. While she’s always gone out of her way to support the Dental Health programs, two years ago, she joined the advisory council and has recently accepted the chairperson role.

“It’s a real eye-opener for me to see, not only the standards that are set by the College, but how high those standards are set,” says Masiarczyk. “The dental programs are by far the best programs out there.” Of course, she tells potential students, as well as dentists looking to hire, to contact Palm Beach State.

“I love to work with the students,” says Masiarczyk, and as a distributor, she has resources to share. She invites both faculty and students to seminars and continuing education courses, and generously provides speakers for student club meetings and special events, such as the dental programs’ 50th anniversary celebration in 2014.

Once a dental assistant herself, Masiarczyk brings her well-informed perspective to every council meeting, reporting recently that “it’s amazing how digitized the dental business is becoming.” That’s the kind of feedback every program needs.

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This profile is an excerpt from the article “A Strong Fabric: How business partners boost student success” in PBSC’s Contact magazine. Read the full article now.

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