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Student Smile Gallery

Palm Beach State's Dental Assisting students are busy - learning, traveling and taking part in campus life!

Dental Materials Lab:  Student learns to mix alginate for preliminary impressions.

Alginate impression on student partner.


Result of alginate impression on student partner.

Expanded functions are first practiced on fellow classmates.


Students learn to place the positioning device in Dental Radiology Lab.

Students participate in a Table Clinic competition during Dental Health Services Open House.  Winners of the competition go on to present at a state level.


Dental Assisting students work with the Paramedic students to reenact a medical emergency on a human patient simulator (SimMan).  View information on Palm Beach State's Center of Excellence in Medical Simulation.


Students attend the Hinman Dental Conference in Atlanta.


Celebrating Dental Assistants Recognition Week by being honored at a luncheon.


Fundraiser event - car wash

Fundraiser event - car wash

Students are very active in campus activities.

Our instructors are very dedicated to flossing!


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