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Dental Hygiene

Limited Access Application Information

Please read Application Checklist below, and don't forget to attend one of our Information Sessions!

Application Deadline: June 1, 2020

Fall classes start August 2020

What is a Limited Access Program?

A Limited Access program is one where both program admission and registration in program classes are restricted to a certain number of students meeting pre-determined criteria.

Any student meeting minimum program application requirements is encouraged to apply to the Dental Hygiene program. The Dental Hygiene program accepts approximately 24 students each fall term; not all applicants will be accepted. Final selection will be based on the applicant pool.

Application Checklist

Your application will not be complete unless you:

  • Submit the Dental Hygiene Limited Access Application. Must be received by Admissions Office no later than the application deadline date of June 1, 2020. (Download, print and read this document.) *Application will be available March 2020
  • Submit the online College application if you are a first-time Palm Beach State student. Arrange for the submission of official transcripts from your high school, GED or validated foreign equivalent, as well as college transcript(s), if applicable.
  • All applicants must submit placement test scores that meet minimum requirements for entrance into college level English and mathematics courses; otherwise required remedial work (including any and all necessary college preparatory courses) must be successfully completed. Successful completion (C or higher) of a minimum of three college credits each in mathematics and English courses may be used in lieu of placement scores.
  • All students accepted into the program must have completed all required natural science courses with a grade of C or higher by the application deadline of June 3, 2019.

BSC2085 - Anatomy/Physiology I (Lecture)

BSC2085L - Anatomy/Physiology I (Lab)

BSC2086 - Anatomy/Physiology II(Lecture)

BSC2086L - Anatomy/Physiology II (Lab)

MCB2010 - Microbiology (Lecture)

MCB2010L - Microbiology (Lab)

HUN1201 - Elements of Nutrition

CHM - Any level transferable Chemistry

  • General Education courses must be completed with a "C" or higher by the application deadline in order to be awarded selection point in that area.

Mathematics Requirement

Humanities Requirement

ENC1101 - College Composition I

PSY2012 - General Psychology

SPC1017 - Fundamentals of Speech Comm.

SYG2000 - Introduction to Sociology

After submitting your application
To monitor your Limited Access Program Application Status:

  1. Go to
  2. Log on using your Palm Beach State student ID number and pin.
  3. This takes you to your student Panther Web page.
  4. Click on "Limited Access Application status."

Applicants who are selected will be notified approximately two weeks after the deadline date. If an applicant is selected and does not complete the registration process, the applicant must reapply and is not guaranteed acceptance in any subsequent selection process.

The provisional acceptance notice will include:

  1. Registration information
  2. Medical exam form
  3. Criminal Background form - includes Social Security number verification
  4. Controlled Substances and Alcohol screening forms
  5. Date of Mandatory Orientation

After admission, the above documentation must be on file with the Dental Health Services Coordinator's Office.

Students are required to obtain a criminal background check and controlled substance and alcohol screenings (at their own expense) prior to the start of class. Failure to provide such documentation will result in termination of application.

* Please Note: The Dental Hygiene Limited Access Application contains:

  • Full details on entry requirements and steps for meeting requirements
  • Instructions on completing necessary applications for both the College and program
  • Review of selection process
  • The Dental Hygiene program application; online College application must also be  completed for first-time students.

All students meeting minimum program application requirements are encouraged to apply. However, meeting criteria for selection does not guarantee admission and not all applicants will be accepted. Final selection will be based on the applicant pool.

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