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College Readiness

Welcome to College Readiness at the PBSC Lake Worth campus. Our department serves students who want to refresh basic skills in Math and English. In addition, we offer courses for students whose primary language is not English. Lastly, the course "Introduction to the College Experience" focuses on acclimating first-time students to the college environment.


College Reading and Writing  |  Developmental Algebra  |  English for Academic Purposes
Introduction to the College Experience  |  Personal Development


College Readiness Courses
Course ID & Description Links
Course Title
EAP 0300 Introduction to Listening and Speaking Skills
EAP 0382 Integrated Reading and Writing
EAP 0400 Speaking and Listening 1
EAP 0420 Intermediate Reading
EAP 0460 Intermediate Grammar
EAP 1500 Speaking and Listening 2
EAP 1520 High Intermediate Reading
EAP 1584 High Intermediate English
EAP 1620 Advanced Reading
EAP 1684 Advanced English
ENC 0017 College Reading and Writing
ENC 0052 College Writing Essentials
MAT 0022 Developmental Algebra
MAT 0056 Developmental Math 1
REA 0056 College Reading
SLS 1201 Personal Development
SLS 1501 Introduction to the College Experience


Department Chairs

Professor Aylim De Chazal
Office: TC 203  |  Phone: 561-868-3162  |  EAP

Professor Carleton Chernekoff
Office: SS 00121  |  Phone: 561-868-3021  |  Reading & English Prep

Dr. Pamela Mason-Egan
Office: TC 00117  |  Phone: 561-868-4223  |  Intro to College Experience

Professor Sandra Demauro
Office: BA 00310  |  Phone: 561-868-3172  |  Intro to College Experience

Professor Eileen Doran
Office: BA 00104  |  Phone: 561-868-3983  |  Math Prep

Full-time Faculty

Professor Rita Alonso-Sheldon

Professor Reggie Butler

Dr. Lisa A. Byard

Dr. Monica Hamlin

Professor Mauvlette Joseph

Professor Valerie Lazzara

Professor Tricia Lynn

Dr. Sophia Munro

Dr. Jeannette C. Sullivan

Location & Contact Info

The College Readiness Dept. is located on the first floor of the TC building, room 120.

Dr. Mike Sfiropoulos, Interim Associate Dean  561-868-3245

Elida Ferro, Administrative Assistant  561-868-3290

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