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English as a Second Language

Palm Beach State's English as a Second Language programs welcome all students who want to study English. We currently have students from about 54 countries.

Palm Beach State offers two programs in English as a Second Language: (EAP) English for Academic Purposes and Corporate and Continuing Education ESOL through the Language Connections Institute. Coursework is designed to meet the needs of a great variety of individuals throughout Palm Beach and neighboring counties including professionals going on for further education as well as those who are just beginning their college career.

The English as a Second Language programs at Palm Beach State offer a variety of courses including Speaking and Listening, Reading, Grammar, Composition, Pronunciation, Conversation, and courses in ESOL for Child Care Workers among others

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English for Academic Purposes

The academic ESL program at Palm Beach State College is intended for non-native speakers of English who are interested in receiving a college degree or taking classes towards validating a degree from their native country, but whose English skills indicate the need for further instruction in the English language. The college offers four levels of academic reading, writing, and speaking/listening courses beginning at an intermediate level and continuing through an advanced level.

For detailed information about the courses below, please visit the College Catalog or click on the Course ID.

EAP0100 – Speaking and Listening Level 1

EAP0120 – Reading Foundation A

EAP0160 – Grammar Foundation A

EAP0200 – Speaking and Listening Level 2

EAP0220 – Reading Foundation B

EAP0260 – Grammar Foundation B

EAP0300 – Speaking and Listening Level 3

EAP0320  Reading Foundation C

EAP0360 – Grammar Foundation C

EAP0400  Speaking and Listening Level 4

EAP0420  Intermediate Reading

EAP0460  Intermediate English Grammar

EAP1500  Speaking and Listening Level 5

EAP1520  High Intermediate Reading

EAP1584  High Intermediate English

EAP1600  Speaking and Listening Level 6

EAP1620  Advanced Reading

EAP1684  Advanced English

ESOL for the Workplace

The Language Connections Institute ESOL program at Palm Beach State College is intended for non-native speakers of English who want to improve their English in order to communicate better in everyday situations both at work and in their daily lives. Coursework includes pronunciation, conversation, and grammar. Courses in ESOL for Child Care Workers are also available through Corporate and Continuing Education.

Which program is right for you?

How do I know if I need to take English for Academic Purposes classes?
If you answer "no" to questions A, and "yes" to questions B, then the EAP program is for you.

Is English your primary language?
Did you graduate from an American high school?
(If you answered "yes", how many years of those years in an American high school did you take ESOL classes?) (If you took at least two years of ESOL in high school, then the EAP program is for you.)

Do you want to study for a college or university degree?
Do you have problems comprehending when you read academic texts in English?
Do you have problems creating sentences, or writing paragraphs, or essays in English?
Do you want to take English classes that will help prepare you for the level of English you will encounter in college courses?

How do I know if I should take ESOL classes offered through Corporate and Continuing Education?
If you want to improve everyday conversational skills at home, in the workplace, or in your everyday life, and you are not seeking a college or university degree, then the CCE ESOL program is for you.

Full-time EAP Professors

Boca Raton
Luli Marx, Professor II

Lake Worth
Aylim de Chazal, Associate Professor

Palm Beach Gardens
Mary Bailey, Professor I

Bilingual Advisors

Why Meet with an Advisor?

Palm Beach State College considers academic advising essential to college success. Advisors assist students with educational planning, course scheduling, academic program information, international student advising, new student orientation, and transfer information. All students are strongly encouraged to confer with an Academic Advisor each semester they are enrolled at Palm Beach State.

Lake Worth

  • Karen Handy - EAP/ESOL Specific Advisor  |  561-868- 3037
  • Price Jean - French, Creole, Spanish, Portuguese  |  561-868-3037
  • Joanna Campos - Spanish |  561-868- 3052
  • Daniel Alvarez - Spanish  |  561-868-4164
  • Milagros Davila - Spanish, Bachelor's Programs Only  |  561-868-4104

Boca Raton

  • Lucia Pasqualini - EAP/ESOL Specific Advisor, Spanish  |  561-862-4315

Palm Beach Gardens

  • Dede Dyer - EAP/ESOL Specific Advisor  |  561-207-5319
  • Luis Torres - Spanish  |  561-207-5354
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