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Early Learning Center Garden Project

early learning center garden

Palm Beach State College's Center for Early Learning, broke ground on their organically inspired children's garden on July 23, 2008 and has been growing delicious food ever since.

The garden center offers children, ages 1 to 5, an opportunity to experience the cycle of food from seed to plate. The inspiration for the garden came from one of Palm Beach State's Environmental Science Program professors, who also happens to be a mother of two students that previously attended the center. The idea for the garden fell on welcome soil with the Center Director, Merri Wright.

Local organic farmer, Sal Varri, of Varri Green Farm, provided wisdom, advice and seeds for the garden and students from Palm Beach State held field experiences in the garden each term, serving and learning, as part of their college curriculum.

Volunteer service days will be set up for any and all that want to take part in learning how to garden organically and to assist in maintaining the space. Additionally, invited speakers from the community will be teaching the children and families about everything from how to catch rainwater for use in the garden, to how to make fresh marinara from garden produce.

The Center and its' students are ready to get dirty and green!

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