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Tropical Ecology Course - PCB2350C

Come with us and begin your adventure in Costa Rica!

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Travel with us to exciting Costa Rica! A tropical paradise with hundreds of crystal clear rivers and streams, beautiful waterfalls and majestic landscapes. Wildlife abounds with diverse bird life, numerous mammals and is home to 5% of all known animals on the planet.  With over 9,000 species of vegetation, no other country in the world has devoted so much of its territory to environmental protection.

The course has been designed to provide students with the total work/study experience.

Tropical Ecology students will have an opportunity to study and examine the diverse freshwater and upland ecosystems within the Costa Rican rainforest and the estuarine ecosystems of Tortuguero, providing data for the Costa Rican managers of El Zota Biological Field Station.

Students will be trained in the use of Global Positioning Systems(GPS), for purposes of mapping hydrologic features that sustain the rainforest.

Students will also be instructed in the use of low meters and water quality sampling equipment.

Tortuguero National Park has incredible biological diversity, including eleven different habitats; rainforest, swamps, beaches and lagoons.

Please take a moment and view our online handbook.

Interested students - please contact Dr. Jessica Miles at 561-207-5220 or email: 

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