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Student Feature Film Initiative

Each year our department engages in the production of a feature film crewed entirely by current and former students. The goal of the initiative, which has been producing feature films since 2013, is to develop a feature film to compete in the festival marketplace and hopefully earn distribution. This is a tremendous opportunity for students to bolster their résumés with real production experience and reinforce connections with peers.

How the Initiative Works

In October, scripts are submitted by students to be considered for the project that will go into production for that academic year.

In December, the scripts are pitched by student teams consisting of a director and producer. The pitch presentations, which include the vision for the production, are open to film department students to observe and vote for their selection. The students’ selection is taken into consideration, along with other factors, by a faculty panel. The selection is made before the end of the fall semester.

The spring semester is spent in pre-production, including regular meetings with faculty to advise and help plan the project.

In May, production begins, based on a schedule that is determined by the student project leaders. Students assigned a crew position on the feature film will have the option to register for FIL2425CR Feature Film Production Projects and earn elective credit during the Summer A semester.

The following fall semester is consumed with post-production on the project, and from there it’s on to the festival circuit.

The Films of the Initiative

2013 -  My Father, Mi Padre

Synopsis: "Upon the sudden death of his mother, a struggling young writer reluctantly returns home to care for his estranged, Alzheimer's-stricken father, an experience that transforms his life."

Written and Directed by Thomas Rodriguez

IMDb page


2014 - Sidekicked

Synopsis: "A film about a sidekick on a mission to save his city from destruction and the insane heroes and villains that stand in his way."

Written and Directed by Jon Proenza and Steven Perez

IMDb page


2015 - The Big Frozen Gumshoe

Synopsis: "Detective Dick is a 1940's private investigator who is frozen in time by a mysterious stranger. He defrosts in the modern world where he has to solve the case that put him on ice."

Directed by Kat Brady, Written by Josh Brady and Kat Brady

Official Website  -  IMDb page


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