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Firefighter Academy

Firefighter (CCP5043)

Limited Access

This course is for students seeking state certification as a firefighter, classes are offered on both daytime and nighttime schedules.  The program follows the curriculum established by the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training of the Florida State Fire College in Ocala.

Frequently Asked Questions

The CCPfirefighter program is a two-part course.

Part 1 (Firefighter I) covers orientation; safety; fire behavior; building construction; protective clothing; SCBA; portable extinguishers; ropes and knots; building search and victim removal; forcible entry tools; constructions techniques; ground ladders; ventilation; water supply; coupling; loading and rolling house; laying, carrying and advancing hose; water streams; Class A, C, D; vehicle and wild land fire control; sprinkler system fundamentals; salvage; overhaul and protecting evidence of fire cause; fire department communication; equipment and techniques; fire prevention and public fire education. The course also includes Awareness-Level Hazardous Materials Training.  Upon completion of the course a written state certification examination, the student will receive a Certificate of Competency from the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training as a Firefighter I.

Part 2 (Firefighter II) prepares the student to meet the requirements to become a state certified firefighter. Subjects include implementing the incident management system; construction materials and building collapse; rescue and extrication tools; vehicle extrication and special rescue; hydrant flow and operability hose; tools and appliances; foam fire system; ignitable liquid and gas fire control; fire detection; alarm and suppression systems; fire cause and origin; radio communications and incident reports pre-incident survey and wildlife firefighting 5130 & 5190. Those students who successfully complete the program may participate in the state exam for certification as a Firefighter II. This exam encompasses both written and practical skills tests. Certification is required in the state of Florida for firefighters.


Applications for Fire Academy DAY and NIGHT class are now OPEN  


Fire Academy DAY class begins: January 13, 2020.

Deadline to apply: November 15, 2019.

Firefighter DAY class: Fire Academy DAY Application


Fire Academy NIGHT class begins: January 6, 2020.

Deadline to apply : November 15, 2019.

Firefighter NIGHT class:  Fire Academy NIGHT Application

All applications and related documents must be turned in by November 15, 2019.

All accepted applicants and alternates MUST complete the material given to them at the Orientation session DECEMBER 17, 2019.



Contact Info

Phone: 561-868-3900

Kerry Weiss, Fire Academy Interim Director

Barbara Cipriano, Associate Dean, Public Safety

Monique Sheriffe, Administrative Assistant

Santana Lochard, Administrative Assistant 

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