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Graphic Design

Palm Beach State College offers an Associate in Science and an Associate in Applied Science degree in Graphic Design – Classic Portfolio. There are two certificate programs Web Design and Animation. After completion of their educational goal, students are encouraged to continue their education at a four-year institution or pursue work in the industry.

In the Classic Portfolio program students are trained in design fundamentals, typography, color design, software and conceptualization to use their skills in problem-solving. Each student develops a portfolio of visual design from coursework in all areas of the Graphic Design curriculum. The Classic Portfolio is developed in preparation for entering a 4-year design institution, as well as providing potential work as a freelance designer in corporate communications, package design, and advertising and in the printing industry.

In the Web Design or Animation - one-year certificate program, students prepare a portfolio of web design, short animations, and multimedia.

Design fundamentals, color design and typography are important courses in developing a web designer's sense of visual structure. In these certificates students add to the preparation to enter a 4-year institution to continue their studies or develop a portfolio to enter the job market in web design commerce.

Program Information Sheet

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What is graphic design?
The art of graphic design is visual communication using typography and images to present information, promote a message or a product.

What is a graphic designer?
A graphic designer is a person who creates visual solutions to a design problem. They are people who have an interest in the visual world, curiosity about communication, and are creative.

What does a graphic designer do?
A graphic designer develops and produces a variety of projects including: publication design, brochures, posters, logos, package design, collateral graphics (maintain continuity in existing graphic standards), marketing design (calendars, posters, catalogs, postcards, informational and educational brochures), information design graphics, book and CD cover design, websites and animation, invitations, billboards, diagramming, newsletters, signage, page layout, symbols, logotypes, identity systems, menus, exhibition design and ephemera.

What skills must a designer have?
Essential skills for a graphic designer are: artistic sensitivity, the ability to translate ideas into images and words, and an ongoing technical understanding of software and the printing processes that are the industry standard.

What is the working environment like for a graphic designer?
A freelance or staff designer can expect to work alone or along side a creative team, art and creative directors, writers and editors, marketing and public relations specialists, advertising and sales representatives, illustrators, photographers, motion picture producers,  printers and prepress technicians.

Do I need a portfolio to enter the program?
No. This is currently not a requirement.

What type of computer is the industry standard?
The industry standard is the Macintosh computer.

Will I have access to Macintosh computers?
The Graphic Design department has approximately 60 computers available for student usage.


The Graphic Design area at Palm Beach State is equipped with Palm Beach area’s most complete design education facilities including three, full Macintosh labs with iMac computers and the latest software for design, publishing, web and animation. The design labs include two 48" Epson color output printers and several high-resolution four-color output devices for student projects.

Faculty - Lake Worth campus


Palm Beach State Graphic Design Department offers a wide range of scholarships for students. These scholarships are awarded based on a portfolio review. Some students prefer to work on campus through the work study or student assistant programs. To qualify for these programs the process begins by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). On question No. 28 of the FAFSA indicate your interest in part-time employment as part of your financial assistance.

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