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Health Information Technology

Associate in Science Degree


This is the only A.S. degree program in Palm Beach County accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management ( CAHIIM is the credentialing body of the American Health Information Management Association (

Your Pathway to the RHIT Credential
Only graduates of CAHIIM-accredited programs may sit for the national exam to become a Registered Health Information Technician — the leading professional credential. We recommend that you sit for the RHIT national credentialing exam as soon as possible after you graduate.

Program Results
Our RHIT students scored higher on average than the national average in all domains of the exam in 2016/2017. 

In the 2017/2018 academic year our program had a 92% retention rate.

100% of our 2017/2018 HIT AS program graduates are working in the field of healthcare.

100% of the 2017/2018 RHIT graduates passed their RHIT exams.

What You Will Study

This program was developed to deliver the learning objectives of both the Florida Department of Education and AHIMA.

According to AHIMA: The individual holding an associate degree in health information technology is the technical expert in health data collection, analysis, monitoring, maintenance and reporting activities in accordance with established data quality principles, legal and regulatory standards, and professional best practice guidelines. These functions encompass, among other areas, processing and using health data for billing, compliance and surveillance purposes. In an e-health environment this individual performs these functions through the use of various electronic systems.

How You Will Study

This program is offered in a hybrid format, in which students use technology continuously and engage with faculty and each other, both in the classroom and online, in each course throughout the program.

Are you new to online learning?
These quick self-assessments will help you understand the technical skills, time commitment and other factors that will impact your success as a student.

Students will participate in course activities, including class attendance, reading, homework, lab activities and other course requirements approximately 8 to 12 hours a week per course.

Course content is “threaded” knowledge. This means each course contains the knowledge and skills needed for the courses that follow. The recommended course sequence maximizes student success.

Knowledge and skills are reinforced through hands-on learning in virtual lab environments that simulate current industry tasks.

Service learning is a vital aspect of our program. Service learning provides opportunities for students to interact with health information professionals in our local business community.

During the final semester, students do internships at locations throughout Palm Beach County. This required professional practice experience gives students the chance to put their knowledge and skills to work. Internships are only available during the day.

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