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Environmental Horticulture

If you love nature and the outdoors, consider a rewarding career in the "green" industry.

Palm Beach State College offers what you need to learn, whether you are:

  • Starting a new career in horticulture or landscape design
  • A working adult who needs to take evening classes
  • A recent high school graduate
  • A landscape professional wanting to "grow" your knowledge/skills

Explore the many options in our Environmental Horticulture Program:

  • Earn A.S. degree in Landscape and Horticulture Management
  • Earn A.A. transfer degree & further studies at 4-year university
  • Complete a certificate
  • Upgrade your job skills
  • Simply take a class for your enjoyment

Environmental Horticulture provides the knowledge and expertise driving the green industry in Palm Beach County. Comprised of golf courses, nurseries, landscape companies, lawn maintenance firms, tree care enterprises, and garden centers, this industry seeks well trained horticulturists. Many of our students are self-employed in landscaping. Our program offers transfer to four year universities, the A.S. Degree, professional certifications, and self-improvement through single courses.

We offer internships and informal job placement support to our students. Financial aid is available to qualified students. Day and evening classes are offered.

Horticulture Course Planning Table

Horticulture Program Planning Handbook

Program Offerings at PBSC

A.S. Degree

Certificate Tracks

What You Should Know

  • Professional certification is rapidly increasing in importance within the Environmental Horticulture Program to match its increasing importance in the workplace.
  • The purpose of the certification program is to provide marketable skills without the need for General Education.
  • Most of the courses required for certifications can also be applied to the A.S. degree so that certification can usually be a step toward that degree. Non-degree, certificate-only courses are Field Skills I & I and the LESCO certification courses under construction.
  • Our certification program is oriented strongly toward outside agencies, principally the Florida Nursery Growers & Landscape Assn. (FNGLA), LESCO (program under construction), and the International Society of Arboriculture.
  • Most of the Palm Beach State certifications can be used as stepping stones toward the FNGLA certifications of the same names.
  • Generally, professional certificates are not licenses and are not required by law to practice horticulture. However, in Florida and nationally, there is a growing certification movement, with employers coming to prefer or require certified employees.
  • The former Horticulture certificates are in the process of being replaced by a new certification program, which is under construction. The older certificates remain available. The new program has the advantages of closer ties to the industry, direct relationship with FNGLA, and formal credit. FNGLA certificates earned through Palm Beach State will count as educational "end points" appearing on transcripts.
  • Students interested in FNGLA certification should contact the Florida Nursery Growers & Landscape Association in Orlando for updates, details, promotional materials, discussion of experience requirements when relevant, and current manuals. Their Education Director is Ms. Merry Mott at 1-800-375-3642 or The Palm Beach State Environmental Horticulture Department can help you make contact.

What You Must Do

  • For ISA certification, take Arboriculture and pass the ISA Certified Arborist exam.
    For the FNGLA Florida Certified Horticulture [formerly Nursery] Professional certification, take Nursery Management and pass the FNGLA written exam. This is given on campus in December, as well as at FNATS (Orlando, September) and TPIE (Ft. Lauderdale, January)
  • For the LESCO Fertilizer & Turf Certification contact the Environmental Horticulture Dept. (561-207-5052) as this program develops.
  • For Palm Beach State Environmental Horticulture certificates, complete the Palm Beach State certificate requirements (with suggested course sequence) below. (To obtain requirements for the older certificates, contact the Dept. Chair.)
  • For FNGLA certifications (beyond FCHP), complete all FNGLA requirements and pass FNGLA's exams, which involve various combinations of field skills, written examinations, and experience as detailed below. The Palm Beach State certificates are steppingstones to the FNGLA certifications. Those offered by Palm Beach State require only passing all of the listed courses.

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Contact Info

George K. Rogers, Ph.D., Professor, Horticulture Department Chair 
Faculty Webpage   Phone: 561-207-5052

Mala Naik, Adjunct Instructor
Faculty Webpage

William Donovan, Adjunct Instructor
Faculty Webpage

Carol Bailey, Adjunct Instructor
Faculty Webpage

Brenda Lesser, Administrative Assistant   
Phone: 561-207-5055

The following horticulture personnel can be reached by calling Dr. Rogers at 561-207-5052:

  • Sue Hildebrandt, Nursery Manager
  • Jean Weber Horticulture Technician II
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