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Hospitality & Tourism

If you thrive in a dynamic, people-oriented environment, this field is for you!

A.S. Degree Program

This 64-credit Associate in Science degree program prepares the student seeking a management career in the hospitality industry as well as allied fields. Course content includes hospitality management, purchasing, cooking, cost control, personnel management, dining room management, finance, front office, marketing and law.

One-Year Completion Schedule


College Credit Certificate Programs

In addition to the A.S. degree program, two 30-credit College Credit Certificate (CCC) programs are offered. Food Service Management teaches how to cook professionally and manage a dining room. The Hospitality CCC gives you a career-focused understanding of many aspects of the hospitality industry. Credits earned in the certificate programs may be applied to the Hospitality and Tourism Management A.S. degree.

Contact Info

Danny Fontenot  561-868-3353

Heidi Ladika-Cipolla  561-868-3351

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