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Business Partner Profile

More than 400 business partners support Palm Beach State’s career programs. These great partners work closely with the College to ensure that students learn exactly what they’ll need to know to get a job after graduation. The partners also provide internships, training sites, guest speakers, company tours, scholarships, mentoring and help in sourcing equipment for student labs.

Read about one of the Radiography program’s valuable partners:

  Barbara O'Brien
  Barbara O’Brien, director of imaging
services at Good Samaritan Hospital

Barbara O'Brien
Director of Imaging Services
Good Samaritan Medical Center | West Palm Beach
Member, Radiography Program Advisory Council

Growing programs

“Years ago when there was such a huge shortage of technologists, we were forced to hire through agencies,” says Barbara O’Brien. “Now a good 80 percent of my department is provided by the College.”

Career programs are born out of real need. That’s exactly how Palm Beach State’s Radiography program came into existence 25 years ago, when 10 hospitals actually funded the program’s startup. Today, these same hospitals continue to train students in clinical rotations, hire graduates and promote the program. They’ve also helped the College develop specialty medical imaging programs in sonography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Many of the hospitals’ medical imaging supervisors, as well as Palm Beach State instructors, are graduates of these programs.

Students spend about three-quarters of the two-year Radiography Associate in Science degree program in clinical rotations at the local hospitals. O’Brien advises students to treat it as an extended job interview: “Depending on how well they do, if I have any positions open, that’s who I’ll choose, and that’s why I have such a fantastic team here. I’m very fussy.

Praising the program, she credits Dr. Vicki Shaver, department chair and professor of medical imaging, and the rest of the program faculty. “The proof is in the pudding,” O’Brien adds. “The quality of technologists that I have here is superb, and that can’t happen unless they were educated as such.”


Contact MagazineThis profile is an excerpt from the article “A Strong Fabric: How business partners boost student success” in PBSC’s Contact magazine. Read the full article now.

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