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Admission Criteria & Costs

The Respiratory Care Program is a limited access program where potential students must submit information and documentation directly to:

Palm Beach State College
Edward M. Eissey Campus - Admissions Office
3160 PGA Boulevard
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410-2893

The Respiratory Care Application packet can be downloaded or picked up in the Admissions Office. This packet should not be confused with the general application for admission to the college.


Applicant Pool Deadline: June 20, 2019*

Selection Date: June 27, 2019*

*This is a limited access program with a maximum enrollment of 25 students.

Meeting the criteria for selection does not guarantee admission to the Respiratory Care Program.

Final selection will be made using a point system. Your criteria for selection can be viewed at Sign in and look under Limited Access Application Status and all communications will be sent to your e-mail account including all acceptance documentation.  Please note: Upon completion of the Palm Beach State application process, students will receive notification of acceptance to the college, NOT to be confused with acceptance to the program.

Advanced Placement Program Policy
All programs have different course sequences and do not teach course material in necessarily the same order. Therefore, advance placing a student is extremely difficult. We will however, discuss the possibility with you on a case by case basis.

Other Allied Health coursework is NOT eligible for Advanced Placement in our curriculum.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our faculty for advisement please call (561) 207-5010.
*Please have a current copy of your transcript(s) and a letter of good standing from your former program director available with you for your appointment.

Respiratory Care Program Costs

Florida resident tuition is approximately $98.25 per credit hour and this program requires 46 Respiratory Care credit hours and 30 general education course credit hours (76 credit hours total). Total tuition costs for in-state residents are approximately $7,467. Books, laboratory fees, uniforms, liability insurance, ACLS, PALS, NRP and professional association membership dues total approximately $1,000. Transportation for attendance to clinical training typically range between $650 - $1,250  (gas, oil, maintenance). Approximate total cost for FL residents is $9,117 – $9,717

General Education Requirements - 30 hours total
 MAC 1105 College Algebra 3.0 hours
 BSC 2085 Anatomy and Physiology I 3.0 hours
 BSC 2085L Anatomy and Physiology l Lab 1.0 hours
 BSC 2086 Anatomy and Physiology II 3.0 hours
 BSC 2086L Anatomy and Physiology II Lab 1.0 hours
 ENC 1101 College Composition I 3.0 hours
 Humanities Any Area II 3.0 hours
 MCB 2010 Microbiology 3.0 hours
 MCB 2010L Microbiology Lab 1.0 hours
 CHM 1032 Principles of Chemistry 3.0 hours
 PHY 1001 Applied Physics or higher 3.0 hours
 SYG 2000 Introduction to Sociology 3.0 hours
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